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Treatments Offer Long-Term Cavity Protection

Fluoride is a mineral which increases tooth enamel strength and increases resistance to acid that causes tooth decay. Most people ingest fluoride naturally over the course of their lives from dental treatments and drinking water. One of the best parts of fluoride is that the results are long-lasting. The increased enamel strength will last for years to come. The fluoride your child receives from diet will start manifesting in saliva, and will continually strengthen tooth enamel over time.


Fluoride is very safe and has numerous benefits. In fact, it has become common practice to add fluoride to public drinking water. That said, it is important to make sure your child is not consuming too much fluoride as this can lead to a rare condition known as fluorosis. Fluorosis is not dangerous or painful, but it does leave permanent pits and stains in teeth that can only be covered with cosmetic dentistry.

A child would have to consume excessive amounts of fluoride to develop fluorosis. You do not need to take any extreme measures to prevent it, like limiting their drinking water. Just make sure they aren’t swallowing toothpaste or mouthwash, and make sure your dentist is aware of the last time they received topical fluoride treatment.


Children who are not receiving adequate fluoride from their diet can benefit from fluoride treatments. In this simple procedure, fluoride is applied to the child’s teeth through a gel, foam, or varnish. We leave the fluoride there for no more than five minutes.

We can provide fluoride treatment for your child today. First, we will review diet and examine their teeth to ensure that fluoride treatment is needed. If so, this procedure can be done in just a few minutes and has no side effects.

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