Traditional dentures offer a good solution

If you are missing teeth, traditional dentures are just one of the many options we offer at Brewer Dental Center. If traditional dentures are not what you’re looking for, dental implants may better suit your needs.

The most common question we get asked is, “How long does the dentures process take?” The entire process of getting dentures takes three to four weeks on average. After your consultation, molds will be taken of your mouth and your dentures will be created. If you still have teeth remaining that need to be removed, the dentures will be placed after the teeth have been extracted.

We also offer dental partials to patients who are missing some of their teeth. A dental partial is a prosthetic that you place in your mouth that replaces the function and appearance of a few missing teeth. Partials are not meant to replace an entire set of teeth but are used when a patient is missing some of their teeth. Partials are designed specifically for each patient and come in different designs depending on which missing teeth need replacing.

To find out if dentures or dental partials are the right solutions for you, schedule your free consultation with us today! Our goal is to help you find what works best for you! We can discuss your options including dental implants to find the most comfortable smile solution for you!

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