Orthodontic Work Begins After Free Consultation

Braces are not what they used to be. Once very rigid and noticeable in the mouth, modern braces are built with arch wires that utilize body heat to help teeth move and minimize discomfort. There are also many removable braces molds like Invisalign that can be taken out at night. These braces are made of clear plastic or ceramic, making them the more discrete alternative to traditional wire frames.

At Brewer Dental Center, we offer both traditional and removable braces to our patients. If you or your child has crooked teeth or issues with bite, we can help you find the most effective orthodontic treatment.


Once an orthodontist has confirmed that you or a loved one need braces, you can expect treatment five step process:

  • Creating records – It’s important to document every orthodontic treatment a patient receives. These records usually include X-rays and documentation of the patient’s condition before treatment begins. These records allow us to track your progress and ensures you get the results you want.
  • Bonding – In terms of actual dental work, this is the most time-consuming process, lasting about 90 minutes. This is the procedure where the braces will be bonded to the teeth. First, the brackets will be secured to the teeth, then the arch wires and elastics are placed, which help guide the teeth into the corrected position. Our team will then provide detailed instructions on how to clean and maintain your new braces.
  • Adjustment – Most patients with braces need to follow up with their orthodontist every four to six weeks. These are normally quick, easy visits that provide us with a chance to assess your condition and ensure the treatment is working. We may need to adjust the tension in the arch wires from time to time.
  • Debonding – This is your final day living with braces! After we have removed the arches, elastic, and arch wires, and cleaned your teeth, you will finally be able to see your beautiful new smile. We will also use this appointment to take impressions for your retainers, which should be ready in two weeks.
  • Retainers – Yes, you will need another orthodontic appliance even after your braces are removed, but retainers are far less invasive and noticeable. Retainers can either be permanently installed to the back of the teeth or be taken in and out as needed through a removable unit custom made for your teeth. Retainers are necessary to ensure your teeth do not shift back to the misaligned position.


At Brewer Dental Center, we offer orthodontic consultations at no charge. We can help you decide if braces are necessary for fixing your bite and preventing oral health problems down the road. Don’t worry about insurance – if your policy doesn’t cover you, we can offer you interest-free financing.

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