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Restorative dentistry is the process of treating tooth problems and getting them back in prime condition. If your visit to the dentist has ever included a filling, you’ve already had a restorative dental procedure. At Brewer Dental Center, we offer the following restorative dental procedures, in addition to fillings:


Fillings are traditionally made of silver amalgams, but in recent years plastic compounds and natural-looking ceramic fillings have become more popular. Your dentist will review your options with you and help you decide on a filling that meets your needs and fits your personal preferences. There are two types of filling procedures, direct and indirect:

  • Direct fillings – The basic, most common filling procedure. Direct fillings can be done in one visit. All your dentist needs to do is fill in the cavity with the filling material you both agreed upon (ceramic or plastic).
  • Indirect fillings – This filling is needed to treat severe cavities that have degraded the tooth to a point that it cannot hold in a filling on its own. Indirect fillings require a preliminary visit so that the dentist can plan the procedure. During the actual filling process, the filling is cemented into the tooth with a special compound that was designed based on the information your dentist obtained from the initial visit.

At Brewer Dental Center, we offer free dental consultations and flexible financing plans for patients who don’t have insurance. We also guarantee same-day appointments for patients in Billings.

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