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The First Visit Sets Course for Dental Health

Children should have their first dentist appointment before their first birthday. During your child’s first meeting with their BDC dentist, we will review their medical information and examine their gums and emerging teeth.


Many problems that require people to get braces and orthodontic treatment are the result of bad habits that begin in infancy. Sucking on fingers or a pacifier for too long, for example, can distort the jaw and cause teeth to grow out of place. A major benefit of having your child visit the dentist at a young age is that we can assess current gum tissue health and offer advice for what you can do to prevent dental problems.

If your child is a little older when visiting the dentist for the first time, or have been to the dentist but cannot remember what it was like, there are a few things you can do to make the experience less intimidating:

  • Explain what a dentist is and why it’s important to visit one.
  • Tell them that the dentist is nice and will be happy to answer their questions (we will be!).
  • Don’t use the words needle, shot, drill, pull or hurt.
  • If your child has already heard rumors about the dentist, tell them that you have gone several times and had good experiences.
  • We ask parents to stay with their children during the visit so they can have a safe, familiar presence nearby.

The entire staff at Brewer Dental Center is committed to giving your child a positive dental experience. From the moment you arrive at our office, our friendly and courteous team will be working to make sure your child knows we’re here to help.

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Pediatric hours are Mon-Thurs 7am-4pm.