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We Treat Bite Issues in Young Children

Even though kids don’t have all of their permanent teeth yet, bite issues can start forming before the adult teeth start erupting. At Brewer Dental Center, we recommend that children should have an orthodontic evaluation around the age of 7. This is the best time for an orthodontist to examine their bite as they can correct any issues before permanent teeth arrive. Behaviors during childhood, such as thumb sucking, can have a negative impact on gums and teeth.


Treating these conditions early is typically less expensive and less invasive. If no permanent teeth have grown in, your child’s orthodontist will have a chance to correct their bite before more extensive treatment is needed. This may even prevent the need for braces when permanent teeth grow in.

The following are some signs your child could need an orthodontic intervention:

  • Excessive thumb sucking
  • Baby teeth protrude out of the mouth
  • Teeth seem crowded or spaced too far apart
  • Frequent tongue or lip biting
  • Difficulty chewing

When these problems are caught early, we can start correcting the problem before it gets worse. This may involve teaching better oral health, installing temporary space maintainers, or providing them with removable, noninvasive dental appliances like Invisalign braces.


Dental insurance does not always cover orthodontic treatment. We will always check to make sure you understand and will receive your insurance coverage before starting any procedure.. We always check to make sure you are covered before starting any procedures. If your insurance does not cover a needed treatment, we offer financing options and payment plans that can be adjusted for your monthly budget.

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