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We Offer Near-Invisible Treatments for Teens

Most children will have developed all of their permanent teeth by age 12. This is when most parents and our dentists at Brewer Dental Center notice bite issues that require orthodontic intervention such as crowding teeth or gaps between teeth. Unfortunately, this can feel like the worst possible timing for an adolescent who is starting to feel self-conscious about their appearance and social status. Gaps in a smile or protruding teeth can make a child feel very aware and self-conscious about their appearance.

The good news is that braces and orthodontic appliances are no longer the obtrusive devices they used to be. Innovative devices like Invisalign have made it so that teens no longer need to feel embarrassed about getting the orthodontic treatment they need.


Getting braces really depends on the condition of your child’s bite. Some patients will need traditional metal band braces, but even these have gone through significant advancements over the years so that they are less noticeable and easier to clean. It is important to have your child’s bite issues addressed now, as it is harder to correct a bite the older we get.

Some signs your teen needs braces include:

  • Reluctance to smile out of embarrassment
  • Teeth protrude in or out of the mouth
  • Teeth seem very crowded or have large gaps
  • Difficulty flossing or cleaning teeth
  • Difficulty chewing


At Brewer Dental Center, the initial orthodontic consultation is free of charge. This meeting includes an oral exam, X-rays (if necessary), and a review of medical and dental history. If a bite problem is detected, we can review possible treatment options with you.

We offer financing options and payment plans. Call (406) 412-6365 to schedule your appointment.

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